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Journey Proposal

UX / UI Case Study
June 2019

In a nutshell...

We worked on a new proposal for a completely new white label registration process to mobile/tablet devices and native apps.

This would be implemented for any label of GVC and LCG brands including the latest requirements from Compliance team.

HTML / iOS / Android

My Role
Senior UX/UI Designer


Obviously, I didn't work alone:

Head of UX & Gaming Prod. @ Gibraltar (UK)
Carlos Lopez-Gasol

Product Managers @ Tel Aviv
Ram Bercovitch / Kobi Levy / Anat Nazukaro

Registration Final Mockups

Problem Statement

The current registration process wasn’t improved for ages.

Due to the amount of fields keeping a single form view was making the users to increase the quit rate.

In addition, new requirements from Compliance team such a deposit limits or GDPR had to be added.

Our Goals

Create a multi-step registration process for mobile and tablet devices. Reduce the quit rate. Improve the usability and the look and feel of this *painful* process.

In addition, Display Welcome Offer as a reward at the beginning of the process.

Move the arrows to see before and after product

IU Design process

01 | Research


02 | IA + Wireframing

03 | Prototyping

Interactive prototype w Axure 9. Play with it!

03 | User Testing Reports


04 | Final Mockups

Key delivery items

• High Level Information Architecture

Journeys Definition + Wireframes Axshare link

User Testing Report


Problems we faced

and how we solved it


Due to amount of fields we wanted to reduce them by default


For instance, we decided to use the Address Finder so instead of having all the fields displayed at once we could give the option to the user to use it or Enter Address Manually. After clicking it all the necessary fields would be display it reducing irrelevant information


Initially Deposit page was displayed straight away after successful registration


As one of the Business needs was to take the user to this page we decided to create a friendly success screen adding the GDPR requirement (boom!) + Entry point to Deposit Page.


Business impact

Sadly, this project couldn’t be finally implemented due to other priorities BUT we could assume it would be an important improvement as we could get data from similar exercise done for other labels part of the group with same target

46 Days

Duration of the campaign




Additional Registrations

Always learning

The changes on their own were not powerful enough to make a significant change to the registration conversion rate due to amount of fills required by compliance, but combined together were strong enough to improve the performance of the registration page.

Showing a much shorter first step by splitting the form into three and moving field names inside the fields increased the number of users starting the form considerably. 

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